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Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The ClkMon registers include a set of interrupts registers and four registers for each of the 8 channels.

The ClkMon registers are included in the CRP register module. The base address for the CRP registers is 0xF126_0000. The offset addresses for ClkMon are listed in the table.

Note: The ClkMon includes eight channels with four registers each. Channel 0 is at offset 0x0260, channel 1 at 0x0270, etc.
Table 1. ClkMon Registers
Register Name Number of Registers Offset Address Access Type Description





4 0x0240+


ClkMon interrupt registers for out of range and internal counter overflow
CLKMON0_THRESH_U (0 to 7) 8 0x0260+ RW Upper threshold count
CLKMON0_THRESH_L (0 to 7) 8 0x0264+ RW Lower threshold count
CLKMON0_BASE (0 to 7) 8 0x0268+ RW Number of base reference clocks in base time period
CLKMON0_CTRL (0 to 7) 8 0x026C+ RW Select reference and monitor clocks, start sample, status idle state