Small Storage Elements

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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There are a few opportunities to store small amounts of data in the system.

Global Storage Registers

The PMC and PSM includes normal and persistent global storage registers. The persistent global storage registers maintain their data value through a system reset, but not a power-on reset.

Battery-Backed RAM

The battery-backed RAM (BBRAM) is in the PMC and can be used to store AES keys.

Processor Caches

The processors include caches that are protected by ECC. Errors are signaled via system errors.

  • RPU
    • 32 KB instruction L1 cache with ECC protection
    • 32 KB data L1 cache with ECC protection
    • 128 KB of TCM memory with ECC protection per processor (non-cacheable)
  • APU
    • 48 KB instruction cache protected with parity and includes a 48-entry fully associative TLB
    • 32 KB data cache protected with ECC and includes a 32-entry fully associative TLB