SoC Endpoint Resets

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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There are three SoC endpoint system-level resets (SYS_RST) routed to the NPI register modules in the SoC where one or more of these resets can be enabled (unmasked) to reset the associated block. The SYS_RST reset signals are controlled by three bits in the CRP. RST_NONPS register as shown in the following table. Each NPI-based PCSR register set includes a register with three mask bits for the three SYS_RST reset signals from the PMC reset controller.

Note: These resets do not have an effect on the CRP.RESET_REASON register.
Table 1. SoC Endpoint Reset Register Controls
Reset Signal Name CRP. RST_NONPS Bit Name Description



System reset 1 bused to NPI register modules



System reset 2 bused to NPI register modules



System reset 2 bused to NPI register modules