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Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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Software components include many types of code from ROM, downloaded firmware, real-time software, and application software.

  • Real-time and application software:
    • Arm application real-time processors.
    • Platform processing unit (PPU) MicroBlaze™ triple-redundant processor.
    • MicroBlaze processors instantiated in the PL.
  • Embedded firmware
    • PLM firmware generated by the design tools to program the PL using the configuration frame unit (CFU).
    • PSM firmware to configure the device and provide power management.

Processor Communications

Software has several hardware mechanisms to communicate between processors.

Software Development

Software can be developed on several platforms.

  • Bare-metal software stack with standard C libraries: libc and libm, based on the open source Newlib library.
  • Middleware libraries that provide networking, file system, and encryption support.
  • Application examples include test applications.
  • Linux-based tools and operating system software including:
    • PetaLinux to quickly build an embedded OS.
    • U-Boot and Yocto-based tools.

The software environments are described in the Versal ACAP System Software Developers Guide (UG1304).


  • Xilinx system debugger (XSDB) in coordination with Arm CoreSight™ .