Switch Ingress Ports

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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An iPort switch ports the interface to transaction requests. The iPorts include these features and functions to monitor and control the interface.

Inside the interconnect switch, transactions from the iPort are routed to an ePort based on the transaction address. The transaction may pass through sub-switches and a protection unit before exiting the interconnect on an ePort.

iPort AXI Connections

There are several types of AXI interfaces attached to the iPorts.

  • Processors and other engines
  • Interfaces from the PL
  • Interfaces from another interconnect switch

Processors and other Engines

The RPU, APU, and LPD_DMA units connect to iPorts.

PL Interfaces

The following interfaces from the PL attach to iPorts.


Another Interconnect Switch

An iPort interface is sometimes attached to an ePort from another interconnect switch. This connection is usually a 128-bit AXI interface for data memory transactions.