Timer Register Set

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The register modules for the SWDTs are located at these base addresses:

  • LPD SWDT 0xFF12_0000
  • FPD SWDT 0xFD4D_0000

The registers are summarized in the following table.

Table 1. SWDT Timer Register Set
Register Name Offset Address Access Type Description
Common Registers
WProt , MWR 0x0000 RW Window registers write access control
Enable_and_Status , ESR 0x0004 R, RW, W1C Enables and interrupt status
Funct_Ctrl , FCR 0x0008 RW Function control






Interrupt enable, disable, and mask.
Window Timer Registers
First_Wind , FWR 0x000C RW First window count
Second_Wind , SWR 0x0010 RW Second window configuration
SST_Count , SSTWR 0x0014 RW Load the second sequence timer (SST) count value
Task_Sig0 , TSR0 0x0018 RW Task signature reg 0
Task_Sig1 , TSR1 0x001C RW Task signature reg 1
SST_Read , STR_WWDT 0x0020 R Read the current value of the second sequence timer (SST) up counter
Token_FB , TFR 0x0024 RW Token feedback
Token_Resp ,TRR 0x0028 RW Token response
Generic Timer Registers
G_Refresh , GWRR 0x1000 RW Generic watchdog refresh
G_CSR , GWCSR 0x2000 RW, R Generic watchdog control and status
G_Offset , GWOR 0x2008 RW Generic watchdog offset
G_Warm_Reset , GW_WR 0x2FD0 RW Generic watchdog warm reset