Timers, Counters, and RTC

Versal ACAP Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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Summary of Timers and Counters

The following table is a summary of the timers and counters within the processing system and PMC.

Table 1. Summary of Timers and Counters
Name Location TRM Link Description
System counter LPD System Counters

64-bit wide physical count.
Secure and read-only non-secure access modes.

Triple timer counters, TTC LPD Triple-Timer Counters 32-bit general purpose timer and counter.
System watchdog timers, SWDT Multiple System Watchdog Timers Multifunction timer for software integrity monitoring.
CoreSightâ„¢ debug counter     CoreSight debug counter time reference.
Interconnect timeout counters Multiple ePort Timeout Time out counter on interconnect egress ports to APB and AXI interfaces.