Wake-on-LAN Support

Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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1.6 English

The MAC receiver supports wake-on-LAN (WOL) by detecting these events on incoming RX frames:

  • Magic packets
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP) requests to the device IP address
  • Specific address 1 filter match
  • Multicast hash filter match

The receiver must be enabled by writing a 1 to Network_Control [enable_receive]. These events can be individually enabled using the gem.wol_register [wol_mask_x] bits.

Also, when WOL is detected, the gem.int_status [wol_interrupt] bit is set by the controller.

Important: A receive buffer in the RXFIFO does not have to be available, but the descriptor must be fetchable from memory when the wake-up event occurs. Alternately, the receive DMA queues can be disabled by setting the GEM.receive_q_ptr [dma_rx_dis_q] bit = 1.

The wake-up interrupt is asserted for several reasons:

  • An RX multicast filter event occurred
  • An ARP request is generated
  • Specific address 1 match even in the presence of a frame error