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Versal Adaptive SoC Technical Reference Manual (AM011)

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The word format is designed to closely manage the flow of RX and TX data. Receive data is always via the RXFIFO. Transmit data can be written via the 32-bit TXFIFO or the 8-bit immediate data field in the command word.

Software writes the controller commands to the Cmd_FIFO_Data register. They are buffered in the 32-word deep command FIFO. The command word fields are described in the following table.

Table 1. Controller Command Word Format
Field Name Bits Description
[IMM_DATA] 7:0

Multipurpose field for data or byte count


Select [IMM_DATA] field usage:
0: Immediate write data RXFIFO
1: Data byte count in the format defined by [EXP]; write data is sent via the TXD data port

Note: Read data is always received via the RXD data port (RXFIFO).
[EXP] 9

Select byte count calculation method:
0: Absolute count is in [IMM_DATA] field (maximum of 256 bytes)
1: Exponential count is calculated as byte transfer count = 2 ^ [IMM_DATA]

[MODE] 11:10

00: Reserved, do not use
01: 1-bit data I/O
10: 2-bit data I/O
11: 4-bit data I/O


Lower chip select control:
0: Deassert
1: Assert


Upper chip select control:
0: Deassert
1: Assert

[BUS_SEL] 15:14

Data bus enables for clocking:
00: No bus
01: Lower bus only
10: Upper bus only
11: Both buses
Bus width depends on [MODE]

[TX] 16

Transmit data enable:
0: Disable
1: Send data (immediate or via TXFIFO)

[RX] 17

Receive data enable:
0: Disable
1: Receive data (via RXFIFO)


Data stripe enable:
0: Disable (same data appears on upper and lower buses)
1: Enable (data is striped across lower and upper buses)

[POLL] 19

RX data polling enable
0: Disable
1: Enable