Footprint Compatibility between Packages

Versal ACAP Packaging and Pinouts Architecture Manual (AM013)

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Versal devices are footprint compatible only with other Versal devices with the same numerical portion of the package name and the same preceding single character alphabetic designator. For example, the VM1802-VSVD1760 is footprint compatible with the VC1902-VSVD1760, because the 1760 is preceded with a D in both package names, but not footprint compatible with the VM1802-VFVC1760. Also, the VC1502-VSVA1596 is footprint compatible with the VC1902-VIVA1596, regardless of a difference in package dimensions, because the 1596 is preceded by an A in both package names. Pins that are available in one device but are not available in another device are labeled as NC in the package file of the other device.

Important: Footprint compatibility does not necessarily imply that all pins will function in the same manner for different devices in a package.

The following table shows the footprint compatible devices available for each package. See the Versal Architecture and Product Data Sheet: Overview (DS950) for specific package letter code options. All packages are available with eutectic BGA balls. For these packages, the device type is XQ and the Pb-free signifier in the package name is a Q.

Table 1. Footprint Compatibility.
Packages Footprint Compatible Devices
SFVB625 VM1102  
VBVA1024 VC1352 VC1502  
VFVB1024 VM1102 VM1302 VM1402  
VFVB1369 VM1302 VM1402 VM1502  
VSVE1369 VC1352 VC1702  
VFVF1369 VM1302 VM1402  
VSVG1369 VC1502  
VSVA1596 VIVA1596 1 VC1502 VC1702 VC1802 VC1902  
VFVA1760 VM1302 VM1402 VM2602  
VFVC1760 VM1502 VM1802 VM2602 VM2902  
VSVD1760 VM1802 VC1802 VC1902  
VSVA2197 VM1802 VM2502 VC1502 VC1802 VC1902
  1. While footprint compatible, the body size for the VIVA1596 is 40 mm x 40 mm, which is larger than the 37.5 mm x 37.5 mm body size for the VSVA1596 package.

Many Versal devices that are footprint compatible in a package have different I/O bank and transceiver quad numbers connected to the same package pins. Due to these differences, when migrating between devices in a specific package, the type of bank (HD vs. XP) or quad (GTY, GTYP, or GTM), whether a bank is connected or NC at the package pins, and where the bank or quad is located on the die must be taken into consideration. The following tables show how the banks and transceiver quads are numbered between devices in each package. For all grouped-together footprint-compatible packages, the bank and quad numbers in the same column (indicated by the letters A through Z) for each device are connected to the same package pins. For example, in the VSVA2197 packages, quad 202 for the VM2502 is connected to the same pins as quad 203 for the VM1802, VC1502, VC1802, and VC1902. For a visual representation of all of this information, see Figure 1.