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Versal Adaptive SoC Packaging and Pinouts Architecture Manual (AM013)

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The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
3/23/2023 Version 1.3
General updates Added the VH1522, VH1542, VH1582, VH1742, and VH1782 devices. Added the VSVA3697 and LSVA4737 packages. Added the VM2302 and VM2902 bank diagram overviews.
SelectIO Pin Definitions Added the C4CCIO_PAD pin
Power Pin Definitions Added the VCCINT_IO_HBM, VCC_HBM, and VCCAUX_HBM pins
Pin Maps Added the VFVF1760 pin maps.
Table 6 Removed die flatness and parallelism specifications for all lidless packages.
VSVA2785 Mechanical—VP1202 Replaced with correct image.
Stencil Updated to add both uniform and non-uniform stencil aperture design.
Edge Bonding Implementation Updated both edge-bonding adhesive placement parameters.
11/17/2022 Version 1.2
General updates Added VSVA5601 package. Removed the VSVC2197 package (VM2202, VM2502, VP1202). Changed VFVH1760 package to VSVH1760 for VC2602, VC2802, VE2602, VE2802.
Power Pin Definitions Added GND_SENSE and VCCINT_SENSE to the table.
PMCMIO, LPDMIO, PMCDIO Pin Definitions Added a note to the REF_CLK description.
Die Level Bank Numbering and Device Diagrams Added additional diagrams to this chapter.
VM1102 Bank Diagram Overview Revised diagrams including Bank Diagram by Package for VM1102.
About ASCII Package Files Added an Important note about schematic symbols.
Pin Maps Updated the section with additional pin maps.
Mechanical Drawings Added reference to the 3D CAD STEP models. Updated the section with additional drawings and replaced the LSVC4072 Mechanical—VP1802 figure.
Packing and Shipping Added values to the table and corrected the VSVB2197.
7/05/2022 Version 1.1
General Updates Significant data realignment throughout document
Replaced the SFVB625 package with the SFVA784 package for the VM1102 throughout
Added XQ devices
Die Level Bank Numbering and Device Diagrams Added bank diagrams for VC1352, VC1502, VC1702, VM1102, VM1302, VM1402, VM1502, VM2502, and VM2902
I/O Bank Footprint Compatibility between Packages Updated banks and added devices
Transceiver Footprint Compatibility Between Packages Updated and added devices to the tables in this section
ASCII Pinout Files Added links to the Versal™ device package pinout files.
VSVD1760 Package—VM1802 Pin Map Updated image for clarity
Mechanical Drawings Updated the VIVA1596 Mechanical—VC1802 and VC1902, VFVC1760 Mechanical—VM1502 and VM1802, VSVA2197 Mechanical—VC1802, VC1902, and VM1802
Added A4 dimension and VSRD1760 designation to VSVD1760 Mechanical—VC1802, VC1902, and VM1802
Package Marking Added marking for XQ Versal™ devices
Soldering Guidelines Updated jpj1554077106995.html#jpj1554077106995__note_import_rework
Stencil Updated Figure 1
Edge Bonding Implementation Updated table and images
Edge Bond Removal Updated discussion
Conformal Coating Moved section
Guidelines for Thermal Interface Materials Updated the recommendation and added a table
7/16/2020 Version 1.0
Initial release. N/A