Address Re-map Block

Versal ACAP CPM CCIX Architecture Manual (AM016)

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When a home agent or slave agent is enabled in CPM, the host assigns address space to the memory advertised using HA or SA. The host and the accelerators in programmable logic share the same coherent memory space, but this might conflict with the Versal® ACAP system address map. The physical address ranges that have a conflict need to be mapped to different memory regions of the Versal ACAP address map. The address re-map block performs this function. It can re-map up to eight address regions. The address re-map block remaps the addresses of three AXI interfaces from the CMN to the NoC. The same eight address regions apply across all three AXI interfaces. The address re-map registers are programmed by the CCIX firmware with the host-programmed base address table (BAT) as the source address and the memory address assigned by the Xilinx tools as the destination address.

In addition to address re-mapping, the local memory owned by CCIX-HA or CCIX-SA is reserved and protected by the memory protection unit (XMPU) so that no other master outside of the CCIX coherency domain can access it. These isolation and protection settings are performed by the Xilinx Control, Interfaces and Processing System (CIPS) IP core.