CCIX Architecture

Versal ACAP CPM CCIX Architecture Manual (AM016)

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This chapter describes the various components in CPM for CCIX operation. The CCB (Cache Coherency Block) specifies CPM cache and coherency architecture. CCB is the CCIX gateway to on-chip and off-chip processing nodes and memory. The CCIX gateway capabilities are achieved by a combination of the CHI-B and PCI Express transport interconnect. The transport requirements for the integrated block for PCI Express specific to CCIX have been covered in CCIX Capable PCIe Controller. This chapter describes the other blocks in detail. The following figure shows the architectural details of the CPM block. For information on clock speeds, refer to data sheet.
Figure 1. CPM Block Diagram
The CCB manages coherency between local accelerators (in programmable logic) and other CCIX devices including the host. There are two CHI-B interfaces exposed to the programmable logic for accelerator connectivity to the CCB. The first CHI-B port connects to the CCB via the asynchronous CPI module and L2 cache. The second CHI-B interface connects to the CCB vis the asynchronous CPI module. There are two memory ports (AXI4 interfaces) from the CCB that connect (via the PS) to the NoC and then to the DDR.