Device Pin-to-Pin Output Parameter Guidelines

Versal Premium Series Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics (DS959)

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The pin-to-pin numbers in the following tables are based on the clock root placement in the center of the device. The actual pin-to-pin values will vary if the root placement selected is different. Consult the Vivado Design Suite timing report for the actual pin-to-pin values.

Table 1. Global Clock Input to Output Delay With MMCM (Internal Mode)
Symbol Description 1, 2 Device Performance as a Function of Speed Grade and Operating Voltage (VCCINT) Units
0.88V (H) 0.80V (M) 0.70V (L)
-3 -2 -2 -1 -2 -1
SSTL15 Global Clock Input to Output Delay using Output Flip-Flop, Fast Slew Rate, with MMCM
TICKOFMMCM Global clock input and output flip-flop with MMCM XCVP1002 N/A           ns
XCVP1052 N/A           ns
XCVP1102   N/A         ns
XCVP1202 6.08 N/A 6.57 6.93 6.75 7.12 ns
XCVP1402   N/A         ns
XCVP1502 6.25 N/A 6.82 7.10 6.90 7.20 ns
XCVP1552 6.25 N/A 6.82 7.10 6.90 7.20 ns
XCVP1702 6.25 N/A 6.82 7.10 6.90 7.21 ns
XCVP1802 6.25 N/A 6.82 7.11 6.90 7.21 ns
XCVP2502   N/A         ns
XCVP2802   N/A         ns
  1. This table lists representative values where one global clock input drives one vertical clock line in each accessible column, and where all accessible I/O and CLB flip-flops are clocked by the global clock net.
  2. MMCM output jitter is already included in the timing calculation.