Production Silicon and Software Status

Versal Premium Series Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics (DS959)

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In some cases, a particular family member (and speed grade) is released to production before a speed specification is released with the correct label (engineering sample, pre-production, production). Any labeling discrepancies are corrected in subsequent speed specification releases.

The following table lists the production released Versal Premium device, speed grade, and the minimum corresponding supported speed specification version and Vivado® software versions. The Vivado software and speed specifications listed are the minimum releases required for production. All subsequent releases of software and speed specifications are valid.
Table 1. Production Software and Speed Specification Release
Device Performance as a Function of Speed Grade and Operating Voltage (VCCINT) 1, 2
0.88V (H) 0.80V (M) 0.70V (L)
-3 -2 -2 -1 -2 -1
XCVP1002 N/A          
XCVP1052 N/A          
XCVP1102   N/A        
XCVP1202   N/A Vivado tools 2022.2 v2.00      
XCVP1402   N/A        
XCVP1502   N/A        
XCVP1552   N/A        
XCVP1702   N/A        
XCVP1802   N/A        
XCVP2502   N/A        
XCVP2802   N/A        
  1. See Table 1 for the complete list of operating voltages by speed grade.
  2. Blank entries indicate a device and/or speed grade in engineering sample or pre-production status.