SOM Connector Overview

Kria K26 SOM Data Sheet (DS987)

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The K26 SOM uses two 240-pin connectors to provide electrical connectivity between the SOM and the carrier card. These two connectors are referred to as SOM240_1 and SOM240_2.

The SOM240_1 and SOM240_2 connectors use the Samtec 0.635 mm AcceleRate HD high-density 4-row, 60 position connector set. The part number for the socket (ADF6–60–03.5–L–4–2–A) is used on the bottom side of the SOM. The part number for the terminal (ADM6–60–01.5–L–4–2–A) is for use on the carrier card. The SOM240_1 and SOM240_2 connectors provide support for following interfaces.

  • Control and status signals
  • Multiplexed I/O (MIO) bank
  • PS-GTR high-speed serial transceiver signals
  • High-performance I/O (HPIO) bank signals
  • High-density I/O (HDIO) bank signals
  • GTH high-speed serial transceiver signals
  • Power system