Kria K26 SOM Data Sheet (DS987)

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Operating Environment and Storage Temperature Conditions

The following table defines the temperature and humidity conditions for device operation and storage.

Table 1. Operating Environment and Storage Temperatures and Humidity Conditions
Specification Condition
Operating environment temperature Use case dependent
Storage temperature –40°C to 75°C
Operating humidity, non-condensing 8% to 90%, and a dew point of –12°C
Storage humidity, non-condensing 5% to 95%

Thermal Design

The K26 SOM is built with a thermal interface plate that for most deployed applications is not a full thermal solution. It is your responsibility to integrate the SOM into a system-level thermal solution that can dissipate the application-specific thermal load of the SOM while maintaining it within specified temperature limits. The Kria K26 SOM Thermal Design Guide (UG1090) and the Power Design Manager (PDM) tool (download at support the integration of the SOM into your application system thermal and mechanical solutions including thermal modeling and detailed design specifications.