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Versal ACAP CIPS Verification IP (DS996)

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1.0 English
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Soft reset for VIP. It is a mandatory reset. It is Active-Low reset.

For example: versal_cips_0.inst.PS9_VIP_inst.inst.por_reset(1) → Deasserts the BFM's reset

versal_cips_0.inst.PS9_VIP_inst.inst.por_reset(0) → Asserts the BFM's reset

por_reset_ctrl: 1-bit input reset to VIP. por_reset_ctrl is Active-Low input. None

This API will assert the PS to PL resets.

For example: versal_cips_0.inst.PS9_VIP_inst.inst.pl_gen_reset(4'hE) → Deasserts the PLRST1N, PLRST2N, and PLRST3N.

→ Asserts the PLRST0N

[3:0] reset_ctrl

Depending on the reset_ctrl value, one of the reset is asserted. reset_ctrl is Active-Low input.

For example:

  • reset_ctrl: 4’hE, PLRST0N is asserted
  • reset_ctrl: 4’hD, PLRST1N is asserted
  • reset_ctrl: 4’hB, PLRST2N is asserted
  • reset_ctrl: 4’h7, PLRST3N is asserted
  • reset_ctrl: 4’h3, PLRST2N, PLRST3N are asserted.

Any combination of above is also possible.