FEC Control Register (0x1F) - 8.11 English

CPRI LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG056)

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8.11 English

When using RS-FEC enabled cores, this register allows the user to inject bit errors into the FEC in order to test its operation. One bit within a 64-bit word is inverted and an LFSR randomizes the position of the inverted bit. There are five preset BERs as shown in Table: FEC Control Register . Most BERs will result in the FEC reporting corrected codewords in register 0x1D. The largest BER will have too many errors for the FEC to correct and it will report uncorrected codewords in register 0x1E. Three consecutive uncorrected codewords will cause the RS-FEC to fall out of alignment, after which point it will attempt to realign. A lower BER must be selected to allow the FEC to regain alignment.

Table 2-31: FEC Control Register






FEC error inject seed

LFSR seed for randomizing the position of the corrupted bit within the 64-bit word.


FEC error inject

Select bit error injection rate:

b'0001': 1:16 codewords (~12 ppm)

b'0010': 1:8 codewords (~25 ppm)

b'0100': 1:4 codewords (~50 ppm)

b'1000': 1:2 codewords (~100 ppm)

b'1111': 1:1 64-bit word (~15625 ppm)

Any other binary value will not inject bit errors into the RS-FEC.


1. 1:16 codewords means one 64-bit word is corrupted every 16 FEC codewords, where a codeword is equal to 80 64-bit words. This equates approximately to 12ppm BER.