Status Code and Alarm Register (0x0) - 8.11 English

CPRI LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG056)

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8.11 English
Table 2-3: Status Code and Alarm Register






Summary Alarm

The summary alarm bit is identical to the stat_alarm bit on the Status and Alarm interface. It is set whenever any of the following conditions occur:

If the SDI bit or the Reset bit is set in the Transmit CPRI Alarms register.

Local Loss Of Frame (LOF), Loss of Signal (LOS) or Remote Alarm Indication (RAI) bits set. A local LOF or LOS results in the LOF or LOS bit being set in the transmitted Z.130.0 bits respectively. A local LOF or LOS also causes a local RAI which is returned in the transmitted Z.130.0 RAI bit.

LOF, LOS or RAI bit set in received Z.130.0. When any of these alarms are seen for the first time the core returns to carrying out L1 Synchronization and rate negotiation. If the alarm persists, a slave CPRI core can still become operational albeit with the summary alarm bit set. A master CPRI core also completes L1 synchronization and rate negotiation regardless of received alarms.


Status Code

The Status Code indicates the current state of the core. It is identical to the stat_code port on the Status and Alarm interface. The status code ports are as follows:

0000: Reset
0001: Attempting L1 synchronization
0010: Protocol version setup
0011: C&M parameter setup
1011: Passive Mode
1110: Interface and vendor-specific negotiation
1111: Operational state: link is up

Note that stat_code keeps its previous value until the deassertion of reset.