Versal ACAP Architecture-Based Cores - 8.11 English

CPRI LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG056)

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8.11 English

This Figure shows the structure of the CPRI IP core output products for Versal ACAP architecture-based cores.

Figure 5-9: CPRI Core Output Products for Versal ACAP

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The block layer ( <component_name>_block.vhd ) consists of the following components.

cpri_v8_11.vhd : This is the top-level of the encrypted RTL of the CPRI IP core. The RTL contains the transmit and receive logic, control and management functions, L1 synchronization logic, and management registers.

<component_name>_versal_gt_and_clocks.vhd : The GT and clocks block contains GT clock buffers, GT reset control, rate change FSMs, GT block sync FSM, TX and RX phase alignment FSMs (8b10b encoding), and TX & RX GT quad interfaces.

<component_name>_ori_if.vhd : This file takes the ORI MAC address, port number and, if a slave configuration, the RTWP groups and maps them onto the vendor-specific interface for transmission. In the receive direction the MAC address, port number and, if a master configuration, the RTWP groups are extracted from the vendor-specific data stream and output to the client. See ORI Module for more information.

<component_name>_axi_lite_ipif_wrapper.vhd : When the AXI interface is selected, this file maps between the generic management interface and the AXI4-Lite interface. See Management Interface and AXI4-Lite Memory Mapped Interface for more information.

<component_name>_fc32_rs_fec.v : Optional RS-FEC sub-core for 64b66b line rates only. See RS-FEC Enabled Mode for more information.