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Clocking Wizard LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG065)

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6.0 English

The main advantage of this feature is to avoid the usage of DSPs in the core. This option can be selected in Dynamic Reconfiguration mode and is valid only for the AXI4-Lite interface. This feature allows you to write directly to the primitive registers through AXI. When this feature is selected, a tab is enabled in the IDE which lists the register addresses and the values which need to be written into them. To execute this feature, follow the below steps:

1. Generate the Clocking Wizard IP. Enable the Dynamic Reconfig option and select the Write DRP registers feature.

2. Open another Clocking Wizard with the same input clock and the features as intended.

3. Change the output clock features in the Output Clocks tab of the Vivado IDE as required for dynamic reconfiguration.

4. The table in the Write DRP registers tab is updated for the required clocks. Use these register set values for dynamically reconfiguring the initial Clocking Wizard.

An example of the write DRP feature is described in Example for Dynamic Reconfiguration Using Write to DRP .

Figure 4-17: Dynamic Reconfiguration Using AXI4-Lite Interface

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