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PG074 Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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Each Aurora 64B/66B core includes an example design ( <user_component_name>_exdes ) that uses the core in a simple data transfer system. For more details about the example_design directory, see Output Generation .

The example design based on the selected configurations consists of the following:

Frame generator ( FRAME_GEN ) connected to the TX interface

Frame checked ( FRAME_CHECK ) connected to the RX user interface

VIO/ILA instance for debug and testing

Hardware-based reset fsm to perform repeat reset and channel integrity testing (only for duplex mode)

The following figure shows a block diagram of the example design for a full-duplex core. Table: Example Design I/O Ports describes the ports of the example design.

Figure 5-1: Example Design

X-Ref Target - Figure 5-1


The example design uses all the interfaces of the core. There are separate AXI4-Stream interfaces for optional flow control. Simplex cores without a TX or RX interface have no FRAME_GEN or FRAME_CHECK block, respectively.