Example A: Data Reception with Pause - 12.0 English

PG074 Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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12.0 English

This Figure shows an example of 3 n bytes of received data interrupted by a pause. Data is presented on the m_axi_rx_tdata bus. When the first n bytes are placed on the bus, the m_axi_rx_tvalid output is asserted to indicate that data is ready for the user application.

Figure 2-11: Data Reception with Pause

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After the pause, the core asserts m_axi_rx_tvalid and continues to assemble the remaining data on the m_axi_rx_tdata bus. At the end of the frame, the core asserts m_axi_rx_tlast . The core also computes the value of the m_axi_rx_tkeep bus and presents it to the user application based on the total number of valid bytes in the final word of the frame.