Generating the Core with Quick Start - 12.0 English

PG074 Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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12.0 English

To generate an Aurora 64B/66B core with default values using the Vivado design tools:

1. Launch the Vivado design tools. For help starting and using the Vivado design tools, see the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896) [Ref 12] .

2. Under Quick Start, click Create New Project and click Next.

3. Enter the new project name and the project location, then Click Next .

4. Select RTL Project and click Next .

5. Click Next to accept the default part number (xc7vx485tffg1157–1).

6. Click Finish .

7. After creating the project, click IP catalog in the Project Manager panel.

8. Locate the Aurora 64B/66B core in the IP catalog.

9. Double-click the core name.

10. Click OK .

11. Click Generate .

For more detailed information on generating an Aurora 64B/66B core, see Designing a System Using the Aurora 64B66B Core (Duplex) on the KC705 Evaluation Kit (XAPP1192) [Ref 15]