Prerequisites - 12.0 English

PG074 Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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12.0 English

Vivado design tools build containing the Aurora 64B/66B v9.x core supporting the AXI4-Stream protocol

Familiarity with the Aurora 64B/66B directory structure

Familiarity with running the Aurora 64B/66B example design

Basic knowledge of the AXI4-Stream and LocalLink protocols

Latest product guide (PG074) of the core with the AXI4-Stream updates

Legacy documents: LogiCORE IP Aurora 64B/66B 64B/66B v4.2 Data Sheet (DS528) [Ref 17] , LogiCORE IP Aurora 64B/66B v4.1 Getting Started Guide (UG238) [Ref 18] , and LogiCORE IP Aurora 64B/66B v4.2 User Guide (UG237) [Ref 19] for reference.

Migration guide (this Appendix)