Updates in the v9.0 Core - 12.0 English

PG074 Aurora 64B/66B LogiCORE IP Product Guide

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12.0 English

In the TX Startup FSM, the prior counting mechanism for mmcm_lock_count was based on txuserclk . Limitations resulted because this was a recovered clock. stable_clock is now used for the MMCM Lock synchronization.

The RX datapath is now 32 bits up to the CBCC module, thus avoiding width conversion logic and clk_en generation. These functions are handled in the CBCC module before writing data to the FIFO.

Logic added to detect polarity inversion and to invert polarity while lane init is enabled.

The core internally generates tx_channel_up for Aurora 64B/66B TX logic and rx_channel_up for Aurora 64B/66B RX logic. This action ensures that the RX logic is active and ready to receive before the TX logic begins sending. rx_channel_up is presented as channel_up .

Reset and controls are common across all lanes.

The RX CDR lock time was increased from 50 KUI to 37 MUI as suggested by the transceiver user guide.

The Block Sync header max count was increased from 64 to 60,000 to improve the robustness of the link.

Allowed transmission of more idle characters during channel initialization to improve robustness of the link.

Removed the scrambler reset making it free running to achieve faster CDR lock. The default pattern sent by the scrambler is the scrambled value of NA idle character.

Updated the GTH transceiver QPLL attributes - See AR 56332 .

Added shared logic and optional transceiver control and status debug ports.

Updated clock domain crossing synchronizers to increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) from meta-stability. Currently using a common synchronizer module and applying false path constraints only for the first stage of the flops.

Added support for Cadence IES and Synopsys VCS simulators.

Added Vivado lab tools support for debug.

Added quality counters in the example design to increase the test quality.

Added a hardware reset state machine in the example design to perform repeat reset testing.