External Trace Connection - 3.2 English

MicroBlaze Debug Module LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG115)

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3.2 English

When external trace output is used, either directly or via the Zynq®-7000 Processing System, the output signals must be assigned to appropriate package pins.

The nominal assignment for KC-705 and ZC-706 boards when using the Xilinx® FMC XM105 Debug Card to connect the trace signals to a 38-pin Mictor connector are listed in the following table. The FMC HPC connector pins are also listed, which allows deriving the pin assignment for other boards using the same FMC connector and debug card.
Table 1. Trace Signal Pin Assignments
KC705 ZC706 FMC HPC Pin Name Mictor Pin Number
Signal Pin IOB Signal Pin
TRACE_clk_o C25 No TRACE_0_clk_o AF20 LA00_CC_P 6
TRACE_ctl C30 Yes TRACE_0_ctl AG25 LA10_N 36
TRACE_data[0] D29 Yes TRACE_0_data[0] AG24 LA10_P 38
TRACE_data[1] H27 Yes TRACE_0_data[1] AJ19 LA03_N 28
TRACE_data[2] G28 Yes TRACE_0_data[2] AJ20 LA04_P 26
TRACE_data[3] F28 Yes TRACE_0_data[3] AK20 LA04_N 24
TRACE_data[4] B30 Yes TRACE_0_data[4] AD21 LA09_P 22
TRACE_data[5] A30 Yes TRACE_0_data[5] AE21 LA09_N 20
TRACE_data[6] D26 Yes TRACE_0_data[6] AG21 LA01_CC_P 18
TRACE_data[7] C26 Yes TRACE_0_data[7] AH21 LA01_CC_N 16
TRACE_data[8] G29 Yes TRACE_0_data[8] AH23 LA05_P 37
TRACE_data[9] F30 Yes TRACE_0_data[9] AH24 LA05_N 35
TRACE_data[10] H30 Yes TRACE_0_data[10] AG22 LA06_P 33
TRACE_data[11] G30 Yes TRACE_0_data[11] AH22 LA06_N 31
TRACE_data[12] E28 Yes TRACE_0_data[12] AJ23 LA07_P 29
TRACE_data[13] D28 Yes TRACE_0_data[13] AJ24 LA07_N 27
TRACE_data[14] E29 Yes TRACE_0_data[14] AF19 LA08_P 25
TRACE_data[15] E30 Yes TRACE_0_data[15] AG19 LA08_N 23
Logic 0 = 0V H26 No Logic 0 = 0V AH19 LA03_P 30
Logic 0 = 0V H25 No Logic 0 = 0V AK18 LA02_N 32
Logic 1 = 1.8V H24 No Logic 1 = 1.8V AK17 LA02_P 34

For the KC-705 board, the IOB column indicates pins where it is recommended to add a constraint to place the output flip-flop in the pad to minimize skew. The parameter C_TRACE_OUTPUT should be set to 1 and C_TRACE_DATA_WIDTH should be set to 16 with this pin assignment.

For the ZC-706 board, the MDM trace signals should be connected to the Zynq-7000 Processing System Fabric Trace Monitor (FTM), and the Zynq-7000 Processing System should be configured to output 16 data bits. The parameter C_TRACE_OUTPUT should be set to 2 in this case.