Port Changes - 3.0 English

AXI Bridge for PCI Express Gen3 Subsystem Product Guide (PG194)

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3.0 English

The following table shows the new port added to the core in the current release.

Table 1. Port Changes
Name Direction Width
common_commands_out O 26 Bits 1
pipe_tx_0_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_1_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_2_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_3_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_4_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_5_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_6_sigs O 84 Bits 2
pipe_tx_7_sigs O 84 Bits 2
gt_dmonfiforeset 3 I (PL_LINK_CAP_MAX_LINK_WIDTH-1):0
gt_dmonitorclk 3 I (PL_LINK_CAP_MAX_LINK_WIDTH-1):0
  1. This signal width has changed to match common_command_in.
  2. This external pipe interface signal width have changed to match pipe_rx_*_sigs.
  3. This signal was added to transceiver debug and status ports interface and is applicable only for UltraScale™ variants.

The following table shows the cfg_ext_if signals which are available when the CFG_EXT_IF parameter is set to true in the AXI Bridge for PCIe Gen3 only.

Table 2. New Ports
Name Direction Width
cfg_ext_function_number O 8 Bits
cfg_ext_read_data I 32 Bits
cfg_ext_read_data_valid I 1 Bit
cfg_ext_read_received O 1 Bit
cfg_ext_register_number O 10 Bits
cfg_ext_write_byte_enable O 4 Bits
cfg_ext_write_data O 32 Bits
cfg_ext_write_received O 1 Bit