AXI4-to-AXI3 Conversion - 1.0 English

SmartConnect (PG247)

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1.0 English

When an AXI4 master device issues a write transaction to an AXI3 slave, the SmartConnect produces the required WID output on the MI based on the AWID received at the SI. If a burst longer than 16 data beats is received, the command is split into several shorter burst transactions.

Transaction splitting due to AXI3 conversion is similar to the splitting that may result from downsizing. User-defined signals received on the AW and AR channels are replicated onto all resulting MI-side transactions. Conversely, when multiple B-channel transfers received on the MI are consolidated as a result of a split write transaction, only the user signal received on the last of the consolidated B transfers is propagated to the SI; user information received on earlier B transfers is discarded. Propagation of ID signals and multi-threaded traffic propagation is not limited as a result of transaction splitting. However, Exclusive Access transactions are not supported when transactions are split, and the awlock and arlock outputs are always forced to zero on the MI when a transaction is split.