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SmartConnect (PG247)

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1.0 English

The error conditions detected in the SmartConnect are as follows:

Address decode error: No eligible MI mapped to the address of the transaction, according to the address mapping for the SI (and whether the target slave supports read or write transactions).

An address segment with the SECURE parameter enabled is targeted by a transaction in which awprot[1] or arprot[1] is set (unsecure).

A transaction is received in which the bust type (arburst or awburst) indicates a FIXED burst.

A narrow burst transaction (arlen>0 or awlen>0, in which the arsize/awsize signal indicates a stride smaller than the data-width of the SI) while the SmartConnect SI is configured with SUPPORTS_NARROW_BURST=0.

If any of the preceding error conditions are detected, the SmartConnect generates a protocol-compliant DECERR response to the connected master, and does not propagate the transaction to any MI.

The SmartConnect does not detect the following error conditions:

The response ID received at the MI does not match any outstanding command ID value. This is indicative of a slave malfunction or system connectivity error that violates AXI protocol.

AXI4 protocol violations caused by connected endpoint IP. The AXI protocol checker IP should be deployed to debug such conditions.

Write data interleaving from an AXI3 master configured with a write reordering depth greater than one. All Write data is routed in the same order as AW command are issued. W-channel wid inputs are ignored by SmartConnect.

The tools generally enforce design rules which prevent erroneous configurations at compile time. Therefore, no error detection is provided by the AXI SmartConnect for these configuration errors:

°Parameter value range violations.

°Address range overlap, non-binary size or base value misalignment.