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SmartConnect (PG247)

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1.0 English

When an instance of SmartConnect is configured with one SI and one MI, it can perform the same variations of data-width, protocol, and clock-domain conversions, even though it performs no data pathway switching. In this form, it can be inserted between two AXI IPs that would otherwise have incompatible interface characteristics.

When it is detected that the traffic passing through the SmartConnect is AXI4-Lite, the 1x1 Mode configuration automatically uses the same lightweight versions of the converters as used in the Low-Area Mode described previously. Otherwise, 1x1 Mode supports the same high-performance as normal switching configurations.

When configured in 1x1 Mode, the conditional register slices that are normally present by default on each interface are disabled on the SI and MI. If pipelining is then needed to resolve critical timing paths at the SmartConnect interfaces, an instance of AXI Register Slice should be inserted adjacent to the SmartConnect, wherein appropriate pipelining can be selected on a per-channel basis.

Note:   1x1 Mode is not intended to be used along any pathway that connects to another instance of SmartConnect. That is, you cannot use a 1x1 instance to influence which SmartConnect performs any particular functions. That is always determined automatically based on the set of endpoint masters and slaves that are discovered upstream and downstream of any collection of SmartConnect instances.

Note:   Note: When configured in 1x1 Mode, the Show Advanced Properties button is disabled in SmartConnect's configuration dialog box.