Runtime Pass-Through Mode - 1.1 English

AXI Verification IP LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG267)

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1.1 English

Default is in pass-through mode. If you want to switch back to the pass-through mode from the master/slave mode, you have to call API set_passthrough_mode . The <hierarchy_path> can be found in step 4 and then start the pass-through agent.

<hierarchy_path>.set_passthrough_mode(); .

The start_monitor is optional.

As described above, APIs used to switch pass-through VIP into the runtime master, runtime slave, and runtime pass-through modes are set_master_mode , set_slave_mode , and set_passthrough_mode .

The following shows a list of related parameters and type definitions used in the AXI VIP :

parameter XIL_AXI_MAX_DATA_WIDTH = 1024;

parameter XIL_AXI_USER_BEAT_WIDTH = 1024;



parameter XIL_AXI_VERBOSITY_FULL = 400;

typedef integer xil_axi_int;

typedef longint xil_axi_long;

typedef integer unsigned xil_axi_uint;

typedef longint unsigned xil_axi_ulong;

typedef logic [7:0] xil_axi_payload_byte;

typedef logic xil_axi_strb_1byte;

typedef logic [XIL_AXI_USER_BEAT_WIDTH-1:0] xil_axi_user_beat;

typedef logic [XIL_AXI_MAX_DATA_WIDTH-1:0] xil_axi_data_beat;

typedef logic [XIL_AXI_MAX_DATA_WIDTH/8-1:0] xil_axi_strb_beat;

typedef integer unsigned xil_axi_user_element;

IMPORTANT: You have to call stop_master when pass-through VIP switches from the runtime master mode to the other mode. Similarly, you have to call stop_slave when pass-through VIP switches from runtime slave mode to the other mode. For more information, see the example design in Vivado. The start_master and start_slave of the pass-through VIP agent cannot be called at the same time. When the pass-through VIP is switching from the runtime master mode to the runtime slave mode, the stop_master has to be called. Vice versa, stop_slave has to be called.