Interpolation Filter Details (Gen 3/DFE) - 2.6 English

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC RF Data Converter Gen 1/2/3/DFE LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG269)

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2.6 English

The following shows the coefficients and frequency response plots of all interpolation filters; these are all half-band filters, so only the center tap value and the first half are listed. The N(bit) is the bit width of the coefficients; use for normalized coefficients.

DUC FIR 1a Coefficients:

N(bit) = 16
Center Tap: 65536
First Half: 5,0,-17,0,44,0,-96,0,187,0,-335,0,565,0,-906,0,1401,0,-2112,0,3145,0,-4723,0,7415,0,-13331,0,41526

DUC FIR 1b Coefficients:

N(bit) = 16
Center Tap: 65536
First Half: 1,2,0,-6,-10,0,21,30,0,-54,-70,0,115,145,0,-221,-270,0,394,470,0,-659,-774,0,1053,1221,0,-1627,-1872,0,2467,2831,0,-3741,-4319,0,5862,6932,0,-10247,-13071,0,26857,54076
Figure 1. DUC FIR 1a/1b Frequency Response

DUC FIR 1c Coefficients:

N(bit) = 17
Center Tap: 131072
First Half: 3,0,-6,-12,-17,-13,0,22,44,54,41,0,-59,-113,-134,-97,0,132,248,285,202,0,-263,-483,-546,-380,0,479,866,965,664,0,-815,-1458,-1608,-1094,0,1320,2340,2561,1730,0,-2060,-3631,-3953,-2658,0,3142,5526,6005,4034,0,-4774,-8413,-9175,-6195,0,7445,13269,14678,10087,0,-12744,-23526,-27222,-19840,0,30254,65645,98873,122516
Figure 2. DUC FIR 1c Frequency Response

DUC FIR 2 Coefficients:

N(bit) = 14
Center Tap: 16384
First Half: -12,0,84,0,-337,0,1008,0,-2693,0,10142

DUC FIR 3/4 Coefficients

Note: The DUC FIR 3 and 4 coefficients are the same.
N(bit) = 11
Center Tap: 2048
First Half: -6,0,54,0,-254,0,1230
Figure 3. DUC FIR 2/3/4 Frequency Response