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AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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1.0 English
The Activity Monitor is a graphical display of the activity counters within the HBM controllers. The Hardware Manager can control and read these values to display the performance at the pseudo channel level. This can be used to quickly spot any performance variations between channels in real-time with live traffic without the need for any modification to your design. The activity counter values are displayed on a chart as well as in the summary information table. Information collected is also stored in a comma separated value (CSV) file, this file is saved in the directory that Vivado is launched from. The process of data collection is as follows:
  1. You can select a pseudo channel (PC) to monitor.
  2. HWM initializes the corresponding memory controllers to collect data for 450M samples. This value is configurable in the hardware but not adjustable in the HWM GUI.
  3. HWM signals all enabled MCs to start the data collection process.
  4. HWM polls the first MC waiting for the collection counter to be done.
  5. HWM reads the activity data back from the first MC and restarts the counter to collect the next set of data.
  6. HWM then checks the subsequent MCs and retrieves the activity data for all the selected MCs.
  7. HWM displays the results and then restarts the polling process.
Note: The data collection process is not continuous. The data within any given sample window (450M memory clock cycles) is contiguous data. However, there is a gap in the data collection process from one sample to the next. The graphed result is an overall performance estimate based on time slices of measured data.
The summary table rows display information such as stack Temperature, Read, Write, and Overall throughput. Stack temperature is the temperature of the stack you selected. Read, Write, and Overall throughput are the sum of channels selected by you (not all the channels unless you select them). The summary table columns display information such as Latest, Min, Max, and Average. The Latest value is the most recent value read by the device. The Min and Max are the largest and smallest values sampled during the current Activity Monitor session. The Average is the average of all the data points during the current Activity Monitor session.
Figure 1. Activity Monitor