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AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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1.0 English
  • User access to the HBM stacks through AXI3 slave ports
    • 16 independent 256-bit ports
    • Optional 32-bit data bus extension
      • Can be used for either user parity protection or data width extension
    • 64 AXI IDs support per port
  • 16 x 16 AXI crossbar switch per HBM stack
    • Full memory space access from all AXI ports
    • Up to 128 Gb (16 GB) directly addressable data storage in two stack configuration
    • Expansion to 32 AXI ports for dual stack configurations
  • AMBA┬« APB 32-bit register bus access
    • Vivado┬« generated initialization with optional user access port
  • Memory performance
    • Configurable access reordering to improve bandwidth utilization
      • Reordering transactions with different IDs
      • Honors ordering rules within IDs
      • Read after Write and Write after Write coherency checking for transactions generated by same master with same ID
    • Refresh cycles are handled by the controller
      • Temperature controlled refresh rates
      • Optional hidden single row refresh option to minimize overhead
    • Increase efficiency based on user access patterns
      • Flexible memory address mapping from AXI to the physical HBM stacks
      • Configurable reordering and memory controller behaviors to optimize latency or bandwidth
      • Grouping of Read/Write operations
      • Minimizing page opening activation overhead
    • Performance monitoring and logging activity registers
      • Bandwidth measured at each HBM memory controller
      • Configurable sample duration
      • Maximum, minimum, and average Read and Write bandwidth is logged
  • Reliability (RAS) support
    • Optional SECDED ECC
      • Partial word writes supported with Read Modify Write (RMW) operation
      • Background scan of memory for error scrubbing
      • Correctable ECC errors found are fixed and updated in memory
    • Optional parity with memory access retry due to data parity errors in Write operations
      • Parity data protection available in datapath between user logic and HBM
      • The external parity uses the 32-bit WDATA_PARITY and RDATA_PARITY buses with one parity bit per byte of data.
      • Uses Odd parity where a 1 is asserted for every data byte when the sum of the bits in the byte is an odd value.
    • Error logging registers
  • Power management
    • Per memory channel clock gating
    • Per memory channel divided clock rate for reduced power
    • Power down mode supported
      • Optional self-refresh mode to retain contents of memory
      • Selectable idle timeout to self-refresh entry
  • JEDEC JESD235 HBM2 GEN2 memory stack organization
    • 32 Gb density (4H stack), 64 Gb density (8H stack) depending on the device
    • 16 independent 64-bit channels
  • Optional PHY only interface