AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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Repeat the following commands till END_LOOP is seen. The following table describes the START_LOOP/END_LOOP command input fields and options:

Table 1. START_LOOP/END_LOOP Command Input Fields and Options
Command Input Field Options
txn_count (loop_count)
  • <value in dec>
  • Repeat the loop by the specified number of time.
Start_delay (loop_operation)
  • incr_original_addr – The axi_addr is incremented by the mentioned value in column 4.
  • use_original_addr – The axi_addr is reset to the original value.
Inter_beat_delay (loop_addr_incr_by)
  • <value in hex>
  • The axi_addr is incremented by this value when the column 3 option is set to “incr_original_addr” while executing the loop each time.

The following table shows the reset values for the START LOOP command.

Table 2. Reset Values for the Start Loop Command
Command Input Field START_LOOP (Reset Value)
loop_count 10
loop_operation use_original_addr
loop_addr_incr_by N/A