Start and End Loop Commands - 1.0 English

AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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1.0 English
The START_LOOP and END_LOOP commands can be used to create sophisticated and repeating access patterns. This field is set to the number of loops to perform.
This field is used to control the loop addressing. When set to use_original_addr, it uses the original starting address for the Write/Read command axi_addr field. When set to incr_original_addr, it increments the address by the value specified in the inter_beat_delay field below. This can be useful for masters which move through large address ranges.
When the start_delay field for the loop command is set to incr_original_addr, the address increments by the value specified in this field when the loop has finished.