Synthesizable Traffic Generator - 1.0 English

AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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1.0 English

This section describes how to use the synthesizable traffic generator included in the HBM Example Design. The purpose of this traffic generator is to quickly generate different types of traffic patterns to demonstrate the capabilities of the HBM IP and it is not meant to be a sophisticated modeling tool for application workloads. This traffic generator can be used in simulation when the “Example Traffic Generator for Simulation” is set to “SYNTHESIZABLE” under the Example Design Options tab of the IP configuration GUI. Additionally this traffic generator is always present in the HBM Example Design when running in hardware. There is one traffic generator instantiated for every AXI port enabled in the Example Design. The synthesizable traffic generator behavior depends on the operating mode set in the top level of the Example Design which then references an operating mode table entry in the traffic generator instance hierarchy. There are a set of pre-defined operating modes for the HBM IP which will exercise the entire pseudo channel memory range when running in hardware or will test a smaller section of the memory when running simulation. When the “Add VIO” feature is enabled in the Example Design Options tab of the IP configuration GUI a set of VIOs are instantiated at the top level of the IP which allow the user to monitor the traffic generator transaction counts, data errors, as well as pause and start controls.