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AXI High Bandwidth Memory Controller v1.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG276)

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1.0 English

Waits for responses to be received at the axi_tg. This blocks the axi_tg execution until the responses are received. The following table describes the WAIT command input fields and options:

Table 1. WAIT Command Input Fields and Options
Command Input Field Options
txn_count (response options),
  • all_rd_resp – Wait until all Read responses are received.
  • all_wr_resp – Wait until all Write responses are received.
  • all_wr_rd_resp – Wait until all Write and Read responses are received.
  • <value in dec> – Wait for a specified time (for example, 10 µs, 2 ms, etc.,) or specified number of clock cycles (for example, 10 clk, 50 clk). wait_by_time or wait_by_clk is decided based on the unit given in column C.
Start_delay (Addr_control),
  • <none>
  • <none>
  • <none>
  • clk, ps, ns, µs, ms

The following table shows the reset value for the WAIT command.

Table 2. Reset Values for the Wait Command
Command Input Field WAIT (Reset Value)
wait_option all_wr_rd_resp
wait_unit N/A