General Checks - 2.0 English

SMPTE UHD-SDI TX Subsystem (PG289)

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2.0 English

Ensure that all the timing constraints for the core were properly incorporated from the example design and that all constraints were met during implementation.

Does it work in post-place and route timing simulation? If problems are seen in hardware but not in timing simulation, this could indicate a PCB issue. Ensure that all clock sources are active and clean.

Check MMCM lock and PLL lock signal(s) are asserted.

Verify the I/O pin planning and XDC constraints.

Follow recommended reset sequence.

Verify all clocks are connected and that the frequencies are as expected.

Enable the AXI4-Lite based register interface to get core status and control.

Make sure that the serial line trace lengths are equal.

Verify the FMC_VADJ voltage is 1.8V for FMC card use.