Ports - 2.0 English

PG289 SMPTE UHD-SDI TX Subsystem

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2.0 English

These settings allow selection of the core ports.

DRP: Enables/disables the DRP ports in the core.

°Disable (fixed)

ACC_DATA: Enables/disables the ACC_DATA port which decides its step size. Range 1 to 15 (0 = no step).

°Enable (default)


PPM Control: Enables/disables OFFSET_PPM ports. It controls the direct frequency offset. OFFSET_PPM overwrites the output of the low-pass filter (VOLT_O) when OFFSET_EN is High.

°Enable (fixed)

HOLD: Assert to hold the Volt output at its current value.

°Disable (fixed)

Dither: Enables/disables DON_I port which can help to reduce jitter.

°Enable (fixed)

Pre-Scaler: Enables/disables pre-scaler.

°Enable (fixed)