AXI4-Lite Ports - 2.7 English

1G/10G/25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG292)

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2.7 English

The following table describes the port list for the AXI processor interface.

Table 1. AXI Ports
Signal I/O Description
s_axi_aclk I AXI4-Lite clock. Range between 10 MHz and 300 MHz
s_axi_aresetn I Asynchronous active-Low reset
s_axi_awaddr[31:0] I Write address Bus
s_axi_awvalid I Write address valid
s_axi_awready O Write address acknowledge
s_axi_wdata[31:0] I Write data bus
s_axi_wstrb[3:0] I Strobe signal for the data bus byte lane
s_axi_wvalid O Write data valid
s_axi_wready O Write data acknowledge
s_axi_bresp[1:0] O Write transaction response
s_axi_bvalid O Write response valid
s_axi_bready I Write response acknowledge
s_axi_araddr[31:0] I Read address bus
s_axi_arvalid I Read address valid
s_axi_arready O Read address acknowledge
s_axi_rdata[31:0] O Read data output
s_axi_rresp[1:0] O Read data response
s_axi_rvalid O Read data/response valid
s_axi_rready I Read data acknowledge
pm_tick I Top level signal to read statistics counters; requires MODE_REG[30] (i.e., tick_reg_mode_sel) be set to 0.

Additional information for the operation of the AXI4 bus is found in Arm AMBA AXI Protocol v2.0 Specification (Arm IHI 0022C).

As noted previously, the top-level signal pm_tick can be used to read statistics counters instead of the configuration register, TICK_REG. In this case, configuration register MODE_REG bit 30 (that is,tick_reg_mode_sel) should be set to 0. If tick_reg_mode_sel is set to 1, tick_reg is used to read the statistics counters.