Building the Example Design - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Product Guide (PG299)

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3.0 English
  1. Open the Vivado® Design Suite and click Create Project.

  2. In the New Project window, enter a Project name, Project location, and click Next up to the Board/Part selection window.

  3. In the Default Part window, select the Board as per your requirement. Application Example Designs are available for KCU105, ZCU102, VCU118, and VCK190.

  4. Click Finish.

  5. In the Flow Navigator window, click Create Block Design (BD). Select a name for the Block Design and click OK.

  6. Right-click BD and click Add IP. Search for DisplayPort 1.4 and select either the DisplayPort 1.4 Receiver Subsystem IP (for RX only (ZCU102, VCU118), Pass-through (KCU105, ZCU102, and VCK190) designs) or the DisplayPort 1.4 Transmitter Subsystem IP (for TX only (ZCU102, VCU118, and VCK190), or Pass-through (KCU105) designs).
  7. Double-click the IP and go to the Application Example Design tab in the Customize IP window. Select the supported topology in the Application Example Design drop-down box. Click OK and Save the block design.

  8. Right-click the DisplayPort Subsystem IP under Design source in the Design tab and click Open IP Example Design.

  9. Choose Example project directory and click OK.

  10. The following figure shows the Vivado IP integrator design. Choose the Generate Bitstream.

  11. Export the hardware (xsa) to Vitis™ software platform. Click File > Export > Export Hardware.