AXI4-Stream Video Interface - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.0 English

When configured with the AXI4-Stream video interface, the subsystem is packaged with these subcores:

  • DisplayPort Receive core
  • DisplayPort Video to AXI4-Stream Bridge
  • AXI IIC controller
  • HDCP core with AXI Timer when HDCP feature is enabled

In MST mode, in addition to the subcores listed in SST, Video to AXI4-Stream Bridge instances increase to the number of video streams.

Because the DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem is hierarchically packaged, you select the parameters and the subsystem creates the required hardware. The subsystem receives video using the DisplayPort v1.4 protocol over a 16-bit video PHY interface. The subsystem works with the Video PHY Controller ( Video PHY Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG230)) configured for the DisplayPort protocol. The subsystem outputs multi-pixel video over an AXI4-Stream interface. The following figure shows the architecture of the subsystem assuming MST with four streams.

Figure 1. DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem AXI4-Stream Video Interface Block Diagram