Reading Info/Ext Packet - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG300)

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3.0 English

These packets can be read using poll mode or interrupt mode.

Poll Mode

  1. Read RX_AUDIO_STATUS register until Info/Ext packet bit is set.
  2. Based on Info/Ext bit setting, read respective buffers immediately. New packets get dropped if buffer is not read.
  3. The status bit automatically gets cleared after reading packet.

Interrupt Mode

  1. Ensure EXT_PKT_RXD/INFO_PKT_RXD interrupt is enabled by setting proper mask.
  2. Wait for interrupt, Read interrupt cause register to check if EXT_PKT_RXD or INFO_PKT_RXD is set.
  3. Based on interrupt status, read packet from appropriate buffer immediately.