Hardware Debug - 1.0 English

I2S Transmitter and I2S Receiver LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG308)

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1.0 English

Hardware issues can range from no audio to audio with noise. This section provides debug steps for common issues.

Following are some of the common problems encountered and possible solutions:

  1. No audio received/played: Ensure that the ADC/DAC/CODEC is in slave mode. The I2S IPs operate as masters. The I2S IPs only support 16 or 24-bit I2S mode only.
  2. Audio has a lot of noise: Ensure that DAC/ADC/CODEC are configured for the same data width as the I2S IPs. Also ensure that the MCLK supplied to the DAC/ADC/CODEC is same as the one supplied to I2S IPs.