I2S Timing Control (0x20) - 1.0 English

I2S Transmitter and I2S Receiver LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG308)

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1.0 English

This register is used to set the divider value to generate the SCLK. Typically SCLK = 2*24*Fs, where 24 is the I2S data width (this value can also be 16) and Fs is the audio sampling rate.

Table 1. Receiver I2S Timing Control (0x20)
Bit Default Value Access Type Description
31:8     Reserved
7:0 0 R/W SCLK Out Divider Value: Set a divider value for generation of SCLK. The value of the divider should be such that MCLK/SCLK = Divider_value *2. This register has to be programmed when the core is configured as I2S master.