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DSP Macro LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG323)

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1.0 English

This page is used to specify the instructions that the core is to implement.

Component Name
The name of the core component to be instantiated. The name must begin with a letter and be composed of the following characters: a to z, 0 to 9, and “_”.
Available instructions
Informational parameter. When the Show Filtered check box is selected, the available instruction list dynamically updates to show the remaining valid instructions given the instruction that is currently being entered into the user interface. Instructions can be selected in the Available instruction panel and drag and dropped into an Instruction parameter.
Instructions 0 to 7
Specifies the operations the core is to implement. Text entry of the desired arithmetic operation to be generated on the P output port. The left side of the expression, P=, is implicitly declared and should not be specified. Instructions are case insensitive.
See Instruction Format for further details on the instruction format and supported operations.
Instructions 8 to 63
Specifies instructions 8 to 63 using a comma-delimited list of instructions.