Restrictions - 1.0 English

DSP Macro LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG323)

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1.0 English
  • CONCAT operand is mutually exclusive to mult operands. When any input to the multiplier is specified, the CONCAT operand is restricted for all instructions, or vice versa. The inclusion of 1 in mult_ip2 enables all mult_ip1 combinations to be used as direct inputs to the second stage add/sub.
  • The choice between A and ACIN is static; after one is specified the other is restricted. Similarly for B and BCIN.
  • The use of CARRYCASCIN is restricted to a subset of instructions.
  • The inclusion of a squaring instruction (mult_ip1 = mult_ip2) also has static implications. Only squaring operators can be used through mult_ip1 and mult_ip2, that is, previously valid x_mux, w_mux, z_mux, and y_mux operators can still be used.